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废墟内外 2008-2013


My Documentary will be on Film Festival

Here is the good news: the documentary Dai Pai Dong that I did with a team is selected for International Students’ Film Festival in Mumbai, India. 好消息:我此前和一个团队共同拍摄的纪录片《大排档》被选入即将在印度孟买开幕的国际学生电影节了。 And the bad news: I went to the place where the dai pai dong was located, hoping to celebrate, only to find out that it was gone. 以及坏消息:前几天去了拍摄的盛记大排档曾经所在的位置,希望去庆贺一下,结果发现,它已经消失了。 [...]

In Search of L.Z.’s Soul

Today is the 42th anniversary of her death. ——- The first time I watched this documentary was 7 years ago, at the age of 16. And I was shocked. I am not very sure why Lin is so much admired by the liberal intellectuals in today’s China. Maybe it is just because of the power [...]