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台北的垃圾去了哪里 How Taipei Deals with Its Wastes

Today’s SCMP has a great story of how Hong Kong (shamefully) ends up as the most wasteful city in the world. It reminded me of my trip to Taipei two months ago – I was invited to study Taiwan’s developments on environmental protection, and an important part of my trip is to study how they deal with their waste. So I’ve seen how people dumping their house waste using expensive trash bags in the afternoon and how the recycling trash bins work on the street, and I’ve talked to government officials who is managing the policy, I’ve visited the stations where volunteers gather to process the recyclable materials, and I’ve even had a good lunch on the top of its incinerator which has a good view of Taipei City without bad smells. Below is a story based on my report after the trip – sorry it is in Chinese only.


纪录片:大排档 Dai Pai Dong

This is a documentary I made with an international team in Hong Kong. Dai Pai Dong is a traditional food culture of the modern city, which is diminishing in the recent decade. The documentary is all lively details you can or cannot see at a Dai Pai Dong located in Central, Hong Kong. Enjoy. 这是一部我和一个国际性的团队共同拍摄的关于香港大排档的纪录片(同组分别是日本人、丹麦人和台湾/加拿大混血,加上我这个会说粤语的大陆人,以及一个本地香港人外援,还有长期驻美的香港老师的指导)。大排档是香港这座现代城市的传统文化之一,然而在最近的十年中却已然开始消亡。这部纪录片拍摄了中环盛记大排档那些你看得到以及看不到的生动细节。请欣赏。

个人建站笔记 Notes of Website Building


This is my notes taken during my course of building this personal website/blog. This post serves as a reference mainly for bloggers in China so it will be in Chinese.

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