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This is my first note in a series of after-thoughts of the CSCW2011 conference which was held in China in late March. There will be English ones later. This one is contributed to International Journalists’ Network’s Chinese site, on why media professionals should follow technology trend and learn from it.

大学的那十一个非主流实习 My 11 internships in college


How microblog is helping abducted children in China

Recently there is a campaign on Sina Weibo (one of the most popular microblogging service in China) which draws lot of attention. The idea is simple: calling the public to take picture of child beggars they see on street, and publish the photo on Sina Weibo. With the account @随手拍照解救乞讨儿童 (Direct translation: Take a snapshot and save the child beggars) centralizing all that information, it then notifies local media and police – also using Sina Weibo.

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